Vigil held for near drowning victim

(WMC-TV) - Friends and family of a small child gathered in prayer outside LeBonheur Children's Hospital Tuesday for a near drowning victim.

Three-year-old Ava Grace Hart is brain dead after what her family calls an accidental drowning Sunday in a swimming pool in Collierville.

Supporters gathered outside LeBonheur for a prayer vigil Tuesday evening.

Her family plans to donate the child's organs.

"Her work here in earth and the joy she was able to spread she's graduated and she's with the lord Jesus Christ today and it's a beautiful day in his kingdom to have her," said Eric Hart, the victim's uncle.

The family is not releasing how or where the drowning happened, but say they appreciate the community's support during this difficult time.

"Ava was a miraculous child," Hart added.  "People who have never seen her until day before yesterday seen her pictures across Facebook.  That's her style.  She spreads love and joy like none other."

Ava Grace's mother just gave birth to a little boy six days ago.

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