Family makes emotional plea to find killer

Club in Mason,TN where Shuron Lee was shot and killed
Club in Mason,TN where Shuron Lee was shot and killed
Shuron Lee, 31
Shuron Lee, 31
Lee with fiancé Catina Jackson
Lee with fiancé Catina Jackson

(WMC-TV) - A Tennessee family is making an emotional plea to track down a killer on the TBI's most wanted list.

It has been three months since Shuron Lee, 31, was shot and killed inside his car outside a downtown club in Mason, Tennessee.

The suspect is still on the run.

Lee had a full life ahead of him.   But that life was cut short when the father of six was gunned down inside his car, outside Shirley's Bar and Grill, three months ago.

"I basically have to relive this everyday and answer to her, 'Where's my daddy?'  She's used to him coming home every day," said fiancé Catina Jackson.

Jackson said she is not getting the answers she wants from police about what happened early that Sunday morning.

Mason police say there were 200 to 300 people outside the club when the shooting happened.

"I know I have to be strong for her and for the other children but yes, I have to relieve this every day to be what I need to be for our child," Jackson said.

Shortly after the shooting, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation added Memphis resident Cedric Leavy to its Top 10 Most Wanted List.

Leavy wanted for first degree murder.

"I've been very frustrated for the last three months because of the fact of not knowing.  All I know is my first born is dead," said the victim's mother, Thelma Lee.

Shuron Lee's family says three months is long enough to wait and wonder what happened to their loved one.

"Yes I want closure, yes I would want the world to know how beautiful a person Shuron was and if it takes everything in me to fight for justice for him, I'll do that," Jackson said.

The TBI is still searching for Cedric Leavy and there are no new leads on this whereabouts.

If you happen to know where he might be, call the TBI toll free at 1-800-TBI-FIND.

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