Vicious attack on teenager caught on camera

Octavius Thompson, 16, attacked for wanting to leave gang
Octavius Thompson, 16, attacked for wanting to leave gang
Video images of the beating
Video images of the beating

(WMC-TV) – A vicious attack on a teenager was caught on camera. Now, the teen's family wants justice.

Two people who were involved in the gang-related attack appeared in court Wednesday.

Prosecutors showed a Juvenile Court judge the video of the April 5 attack by Adarius Green and Timothy Lee Taylor. They are both 17 and now they are both charged as adults and were transferred to criminal court.

Lawyers say the two teenagers attacked 16-year-old Octavius Thompson, who wanted to leave their street gang. They say they beat, kicked, and stomped on Thompson even after he lost consciousness.

"When they told me I was supposed to rob, shoot, and kill, that changed my whole mentality about gangs. I don't want to see me in jail. I don't even have a record," said the victim, Octavius Thompson.

Thompson was ambushed in southeast Memphis as he walked home from Wooddale High School.

The video shows the teens, alleged members of the Grape Street Crips, repeatedly beat and kick Thompson.

"Every day we deal with kids this age who are dying in gang violence and we got to have the appropriate response at this point early on," said Chief Prosecutor Ray Lepone.

Thompson collapsed on the pavement and lost consciousness, but his attackers continued punching and kicking him in the head and stomach.

"My son was 10 minutes blacked out. He coulda [sic] died. Coulda [sic] been a vegetable, so I don't feel no sympathy. They had no sympathy with mine," said the victim's mother, Keshia Thompson.

Gang members later posted the video online. School officials saw it and contacted law enforcement and Octavius' mother.

Adarius Green's bond was set at $30,000. He is charged with two counts of aggravated assault. Timothy Taylor's bond was set at $20,000. He is charged with one count of aggravated assault.

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