People sound off about municipal school district lawsuit

(WMC-TV) – People in favor of municipal school districts are sounding off about the lawsuit filed Tuesday to ban them from forming.

The lawsuit alleges county schools will be segregated if the suburbs form their own schools before next year's merger with Memphis City Schools.

Chris Cox has two children in Shelby County Schools. His lawn boasts a sign to vote "yes" on a special school district for Germantown.

"I mean, everybody has the right to sue," Cox said, referring to a lawsuit filed Tuesday to block the Shelby County suburbs from voting to form their own school districts.

They are scheduled to go to the polls in August, one year before they are supposed to merge with Memphis City Schools.

"You're seeing more and more of these signs. Visual awareness. Just letting people know what you think and what you stand for," said Cox.

According to the lawsuit, a "yes" vote would re-segregate county schools.

"I think we're past that. I don't think it's really about segregation. I think it's about improving schools," Cox said. "I think a lot of people, what their concern is, is the management of the consolidated schools and how that's going to play out."

The Shelby County Commission filed the lawsuit in federal court Tuesday. The judge will have to weigh in before the August 2 election.

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