Man shot and killed in case of mistaken identity

Matthew Kimple, 30, killed in case of mistaken identity.
Matthew Kimple, 30, killed in case of mistaken identity.
Ridgeway Country Club. Kimple worked here as a groundskeeper.
Ridgeway Country Club. Kimple worked here as a groundskeeper.
Robert Maness, friend of Kimple
Robert Maness, friend of Kimple

Friends and family of 30 year old Matthew Kimple say a spurned boyfriend shot and killed the Ridgeway Country Club employee thinking he was doing something he was not.

Police are now on the hunt for the suspect.

"When I came out here, her shot him twice bam bam just shot him and killed him," said Robert Maness a friend of Kimple's.

Witnesses say Kimple, a divorced father of two, ran to the yard next door and died.

"He just got through cutting my yard for me," said Maness.

Kimple's friends say the man who shot him thought he was at another house to visit the mother of the man's 3 year old daughter.

"Her ex boyfriend came over here thinking Matthew was over here with her and he wasn't and that's the reason he died," said Maness.

Maness says he moved in the house with his girlfriend and Matthew was here to see him.

"Man tried to explain to him man look I'm not over here with this girl," Maness said. "I'm not doing what you think I'm doing."

Matthew Kimple's devastated parents say he was learning a lot at Ridgeway Country club where he worked as a grounds keeper.

"He was a good kid, Kimple's father," Harold Kimple said. "He'd give you the shirt off his back in a heartbeat. All his friends loved him. When they needed something he was there for them."

The greens keeper at Ridgeway Country Club says Matthew Kimple was an excellent employee and was well liked.

He started work at the club in March and learned a lot about keeping the grounds as well as learning how to play golf.

"They let him collect golf balls and bring them home and he would bring them home and practice his driver and chip," said Harold Kimple.

Kimples's mother noted how nice her lawn and shrubs look because her son used his skills he learned at Ridgeway to keep things looking nice at home.

Kimple's father wants more gun control.

"It's cold blooded cold blooded," Harold Kimple said.

Police have not charged anyone in the murder of Matthew Kimpel or made any arrests.

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