Congressional hearing to focus on Mo' Money Taxes

(WMC-TV) - Congress will have their say Thursday about Memphis-based Mo' Money Taxes.

Thursday's hearing will focus on identity theft and income tax preparation, and Mo' Money will be at the center of the discussion.

The Memphis-based company has been under investigation since earlier this year, when bogus tax return complaints put their business practices in the spotlight.  It led to multiple lawsuits and an IRS criminal seizure.

Memphis Congressman Steve Cohen is one of the two lawmakers who requested the hearing and said the Justice Department could be looking in to the investigation.

Two IRS agents have been asked to testify, as well as one of the reported victimized customers.

Mo' Money Taxes owner and CEO Markey Granberry has denied any wrongdoing by his company.  It is unknown if he will make an appearance at the hearing.

The Congressional Crime Subcommittee said they hope the hearing will bring attention to the need for more funding for fraud investigators.

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