Student scores free ticket to Michelle Obama's fundraiser

Miracle Williams
Miracle Williams

(WMC-TV) - One lucky student's debate skills earned her the chance to speak with Michelle Obama one-on-one.

First Lady Michelle Obama thanked a crowd of around 300 people for braving the heat to hear her speak during a fundraising event at the Memphis Cook Convention Center.

Tickets started at $500 dollars but a Memphis high school student made it into the event on sheer achievement.

Miracle Williams, 15, is the junior varsity debate champion for Memphis. Earlier this week, she was playing the role of Batman at debate camp.

"I had to stand up for myself and say 'I am the one doing the justice here in Gotham City,'" said Williams.

What she did not know, was that her argument would win her a seat at Michelle Obama's fundraiser.

"I did not know, I was excited, I started crying," she said.

Williams soaked in every minute of the first lady's 25 minute speech.

"She is just inspiring. She really is just someone that any girl would want to look up to to be a very good mother to their children and a very good speaker," said Williams.

Michelle Obama became an inspiring role model for the high school junior who one day wants to be a lawyer.

"I am a debater and when she gave her speech I was taking mental notes and saying this is what I need to do," said Williams.

Michelle Obama ended her speech by asking supporters to "multiply." They stood and chanted "Yes" back to her as she asked repeatedly, "Are you in?"

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