Expectant mother turned away at hospital, dad delivers baby

Frank Martin delivered his son when his wife was turned away from the hospital
Frank Martin delivered his son when his wife was turned away from the hospital
Brayden Martin
Brayden Martin

(WMC-TV) - After being turned away from the hospital not once, but twice, a Mississippi father and grandfather were forced to deliver a baby from their own home.

"I was freaking out, I didn't want my wife to know," said Frank Martin.

His wife, Mary, had just returned from the second trip to the hospital because the doctors told her she was not in active labor.

"I was very scared and in pain," Mary explained.

Minutes after the family returned home, Brayden was on the way.

"As soon as she sat down on the bed, her water broke," Frank explained.

Frank and Mary and their other child, Jaycee, were not in it alone.  Frank's parents, Mike and Hope Williams, were there to help.

"Everything just happened so fast," said Mike.

In a hurry, Frank and Mike turned a bedroom into a delivery room.

When Frank saw his son's head, he placed his hands underneath to support it.

As Brayden was making his way into the world, his umbilical cord became wrapped around his neck.  That is when Frank said it was hard not to panic.  But he kept his cool, and was able to cut the cord.

"I just reacted," Frank said.  "He was ready to come out and he came on out."

Just like that, at a little more than seven pounds, Brayden made his grand entrance.

The whole family let out a sigh of relief just as the ambulance arrived to take the family to the hospital.

"This is my first grandson and I believe we'll have a special bond," said Mike Williams.

Brayden's mother think so too, "They stepped up and did what had to be done to make sure he was okay."

Frank cannot wait to share this story with his little boy.

"Playing with him one day, I'm just going to tell him, 'You're lucky I saved your life, if it wasn't for me, you wouldn't be here," Frank joked.

After this delivery experience, Mary advises other mothers to stay in the waiting room if they are certain they are close to labor.

Action News 5 reached out to Baptist Memorial DeSoto Hospital to ask why the family was turned away, but due to HIPAA privacy laws, they are not able to release patients' information.

They did add that every mother's birthing experience is unique.

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