Mid-South man recycles bikes for needy children

Oh to be a kid again. For most of us, having a bike was a huge part of growing up. It's a simple thing; but one that not every family can afford. That is, until Stephen Franklin came along. "I started the program in 2001. I noticed there was a number of bicycles around the neighborhood that people had thrown out by their trash cans. And I would go around, pick them up, take a look at them, see if I could fix them up, and if so, I would take them home with me, and take them to local charities, and get them to kids that needed them." Franklin , in co-operation with the Jewish Community Center, has now restored and given away about a hundred bikes so far this year. On this day, he delivered bikes to kids at the Memphis Family Shelter. "This bike is cool for me to sit on. That bike would be perfect for you. This bike is the perfect size for you too." For Franklin , it's a way to help needy children create lasting memories. "I remember my bicycles. I always kept them sparkling clean and I was really proud of them. They provided me the opportunity to really experience some freedom as a little kid." Next year, he hopes to give away a hundred more. "You're doing a great job."

If you would like to donate a bike; send an email to Steve Franklin at re-cycle@midsouth.rr.com.