Memphis man working to provide air conditioning to needy

Memphis man, with no air conditioning, tries to keep cool under the shade of his front porch.
Memphis man, with no air conditioning, tries to keep cool under the shade of his front porch.

(WMC-TV) - On a day when temperatures rose past 100 degrees, golfers like Michael Hill cut their golf games short and ran for the nearest air conditioner.

Hill says he doesn't know how anyone could get by without air conditioning.

"Right now I'd say that would be a really tough thing to do you would have to be made out of tough stuff (laugh)," Hill stated.

But unfortunately lots of mid-southerners are suffering through this heat wave with no A/C.

Larry Hunter founded the Sober House organization almost a decade ago.  He started by giving away bread to the needy, then he began donating used cars and renovated houses to families.

Now he is leading a campaign to get people to donate air conditioning units to the needy.

"Right now you probably got a thousand people right now in need of A/C units," Hunter said, "And when I walked up to the house and seen the kids there sweating, they're constantly drinking water it really touched me I know I had to do something."

Hunter says he got the idea for the A/C campaign after he and members of his organization went door to door trying to assess family's needs.

They were shocked by the number of families struggling to keep cool without A/C, And Hunter says his door to door teams are noticing another problem.

Some of the people who actually have A/C units in their homes don't have utility service right now.  That's why Sober House is also asking for people to donate generators as well.

"Well I'm hoping people will be moved and touched enough  to say ah we're going to give the sober house a call we are going to donate as many ac units as we can and not only ac units ah we are going to donate some generators for those that might have ac units in their window but don't have no electricity," stated Hunter.

If you need help or would like to donate an A/C unit or generator, you can call (901) 581-2860.  Hunter is accepting new and used units.

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