Newly annexed area finally getting answers

(WMC-TV) – Residents of one Cordova community are fighting back after they were annexed by the City of Memphis this weekend.

It's a 650 acre area of land bordering Germantown, Houston Levee, Germantown Parkway and Walnut Grove.

Residents say they feel blind-sided after finding out that at midnight Sunday 4,900 people in south Cordova became Memphians.

Now folks want to know what's going to change.

First, their taxes will nearly double. The tax bill will be prorated from January and arrive in the mail within three weeks. Second, light poles will now be required on their streets. Finally, their children may have to switch schools.

Citizens have been on the phone with leaders from both Memphis and Shelby County since Sunday's surprise annexation.

Now we have a clearer picture of what will happen to students concerned they may be displaced by the change.

Even lawmakers, like Tennessee state Rep. Steve McManus, were caught off guard by south Cordova's midnight annexation into Memphis.

Memphis City Councilman Bill Boyd will be the area's new city representative.

He confirmed that the annexation will not impact where students go to school during the 2012-2013 school year.

"They will continue to attend those classes," Boyd said. "They will remain at those schools."

He said south Cordova's school lines will stay intact, though they will now have Memphis residency.

"There will not be any changes in the borderlines," he said. "No reassignments. Everything will remain the same."

He also had new information about how long south Cordova students will be allowed to go to Germantown schools after 2012-2013.

"It appears it will probably be in place for two years beyond that as well," he said. "So there's a lot of stability there for them. So they shouldn't have any fears."

Boyd, a Cordova resident himself, also plans to fight the city administration's plan to collect taxes retroactively from January of this year.

"I would not want to pay taxes were I did not receive services," he said. "So the attorney will have to show me where that is legal."

McManus is meeting with attorneys about the retroactive tax bill that's supposed to arrive in the mail a few weeks from now.

Boyd is planning an informational meeting with the Memphis Mayor to answer citizens' questions.

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