Crook followed DeSoto County resident home

(WMC-TV) – Investigators are searching for the thieves who followed a DeSoto County resident home and robbed them in their driveway.

Investigators are piecing together clues and gathering evidence as they try to solve this bizarre robbery that has left a Desoto County family shaken.

A DeSoto County Sheriff's Office representative said the driver of a stolen car from Memphis followed a DeSoto County resident home and robbed that resident in the driveway.

The crime has left the Lewisburg community fearful.

"If you get put in jail you got a cooked meal," said the victim's neighbor Dillon Chesser. "People who don't have cooked meals and people who aren't afraid to lose anything, that's the kind of stuff they're willing to do."

If you have any information that can help authorities solve this crime, call the Desoto County Sheriff's Office at 662-429-1460.

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