Woman accused of hitting pastor in the head with a Bible

MEMPHIS, TN - (WMC-TV) – A woman is accused of using God's word as a weapon against her pastor in their Mid-South church.

A 63-year-old church member used a Bible to hit the pastor in the head after he told her and other members to leave or he would call the Sheriff.

"He's got the demon in him," Ina Garrett said.

Ina Garrett, a life-long member of Mount Zion Baptist Church in Selmer, decided to knock that demon out of pastor Leon Taylor.

"One of the older church members came up and struck the pastor with a Bible," McNairy County Sheriff Guy Buck said.

"I hit him in the head," Garrett admitted.

The sheriff arrested 63-year-old Ina Garrett and charged her with assault.

The pastor of Mount Zion Baptist Church showed us a photo of welts on the side of his head.

"Evil is evil," Pastor Leon Taylor said. "You understand what I'm saying, and bullying is bullying and that's what they have done."

There is a rift among church members at Mount Zion. The members chose Pastor Taylor to lead the church a year ago.

Deacon Robert Shumpert, Ina Garrett and other members say they decided they did not like Taylor and wanted him out of the 30 member church. The pastor says the church members who wanted him out were disruptive.

"The next Sunday we went right back and the door was locked," church member Ann Prather said.

Taylor showed us video of him telling the church he is tired of it, as Ina Garrett yells from the church.

"Would you leave, would you leave? Would you leave! Call the Sheriff, call the sheriff! You're trying to put us out. You're out. What is it about out you don't understand?" she yelled.

Sheriff Buck showed up and tried to talk with the unhappy church members. And sometime after that Buck says Ina Garrett hit the pastor with the Bible. The sheriff escorted the disruptive members out and arrested Garrett.

"Have you ever heard of anything like that before? I have never in my life," Sheriff Buck said.

The unhappy church members, some who have been members for 65 years, will likely have to take the pastor to court.  He says he is not planning to leave. We'll keep you updated on what happens.

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