Neighbors throw a 4th of July parade

A patriotic pup painted red, white, and blue for the holiday
A patriotic pup painted red, white, and blue for the holiday

(WMC-TV) - Mid-Southerners are dealing with scorching temperatures on this Independence Day. But despite the hot and humid temperatures, many people wanted to get out and enjoy the holiday with family, friends, and neighbors.

"It's a good old fashioned where everyone can get together and have a great day," said Lydia Hart.

"They can always come next door and talk with somebody, there's always going to be something in the neighborhood and they want to stay here and be a part of the community and that's what makes our neighborhood great is the people," said neighborhood event organizer Michele Buring.

Neighbors took to the streets for a parade dressed in the patriotic attire for the holiday. Even an Irish wolfhound was painted in red, white, and blue.

To beat the heat, fire trucks sprayed the crowd and ice cream trucks had treats for all.

ice cream trucks had treats for all..

"It just means a lot when you're dressed up as a symbol of your country and then you are able to give your talent back to the rest of the city which I have been doing for years," said Hart, who dressed as the Statue of Liberty.

It was a proud parade of neighbors soaking up the Memphis sun this Independence Day.

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