Sign on damaged vehicles warns 'Don't Text and Drive'

(WMC-TV) - If you have driven down Madison near East Parkway in the last few days, you made have noticed a car with some serious rear-end damage.

Now, the owner wants people to see the warning: Don't Text and Drive.

Residents in one Midtown community are stressing the importance of staying focused when getting behind the wheel.

It is a message with a powerful warning this Fourth of July holiday.

The broken taillights and extensive damage to the back of the Toyota Yaris is why neighbors say the owner of the vehicle placed the sign on the back window.

Neighbors say someone, who was texting and driving, slammed into the rear of the parked car, pushing it forward several feet.

"I put my phone in the seat next to me or in the console or something when I'm in it, so I'm not even tempted to drive and text," said neighbor Lee Curbo. "I think there are signs at my school that says your attention is diverted 400 percent from the road when you text and drive. It's not even just a little bit. It's completely diverted."

Action News 5 is told the car has been parked for several days because the driver who struck it may not have insurance to fix it.

As traffic goes whizzing by on the busy stretch of Madison between Cooper and Parkway, Curbo knows how dangerous it can get.

"There are horrible wrecks at this intersection every week at least once a week," she said.

Now Curbo and other residents are hoping this message serves as a wake-up call for motorists.

Curbo said she has sent an e-mail to city councilmen about the recent accidents near Madison and Parkway.

She says they responded by saying they would look into it.

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