Residents cautious while shooting fireworks off during dry conditions

(WMC-TV) - "I'm watering the yard and I'm going to water it right before we do it real good," said Stefano Weimer.

Weimer watered his lawn so the fireworks he bought did not catch the grass on fire.

An American Fireworks stand on Highway 61 had so many customers Wednesday, that parking attendants were needed to guide drivers to a parking spot.

Karrick Adams purchased fireworks for his family. He too is being cautious.

"The grass at my house is real dry and I know what happens," Adams said. "I've been doing this a long enough to know to take precautions. We're going to take precautions."

It's pretty clear from all of the grass fires around the area everyone is not taking precautions. And some people are apparently planning some big Fourth of July celebrations.

One family bought 2-thousand dollars worth of fireworks from the stand on highway 61. One of the fireworks they purchased is called "The Godfather" at a cost of 800 dollars.

It is illegal for individuals to shoot off fireworks in the City of Memphis, but authorities concede that nobody seems to pay much attention to that on the holiday.

Fireworks were not the only thing causing fires this Independence Day.

Smoke billowed from a mulch fire off Highway 64, late Wednesday. Fire crew after fire crew poured water on it. It is not clear exactly how it started but the sun is the main suspect as the rays boring right into the very dry mulch may have ignited it.

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