Mid-South doctor's license suspended

The Humboldt Chamber of Commerce says there are 18 doctors in the small town.  But this week, they're one short.

Outside a family care office there a big sign reads, "Dr. Yeates would like to thank you of humboldt for your support"

He may need it.

This week, the State suspended his license. In a scathing report, he is charged with telling patients to return unused medication to his office and then giving it out to others, with injecting patients with sinus cocktails, with drinking on the job, with sexual activities with staff members in front of patients, with sexual misconduct with a staff member and a patient while they were unconscious and with double-billing for treatment.

Cheryl Cummings says she filed a complaint after Yeates demanded cash instead of accepting her insurance.

Her sister-in-law had a different experience.

"Pain medicine. Pain shots. Whatever she wanted," said Cummings.  "And I know she always talked about the people who worked here that some of them were drug addicts and my sister in law was a straight-up drug addict so, she would know."

Yeates has not been criminally charged. But news of his suspension has rippled through the west Tennessee communities where his four offices are located. People claiming to be former patients pulled off the main road to tell us their stories.

"He was giving me shots. Everytime I came to him. He would give me a shot," said one woman.

The door on the office lists office hours. They appear to be current. But people who live and work along this street tell us they haven't seen patients coming or going for days.

A voice mail message at another office says only that Yeates isn't currently seeing patients.

"All Dr. Yeates patients will be seen by Dr. Bada," says the voice on the machine.

Yeates has four offices in total, one in Humboldt, and others in Dyersburg, Alamo and Jackson. We were unable to reach Dr. Yeates in time for this report.

Yeates has had "run-ins" with the law before

*Earlier this month, on May 5th, agents from both the FBI and TBI raided his offices.

*In September of 2000, he was charged with raping a former female employee.

*The charge was dropped in 2001 after two female employees testified as alibi witnesses.

*But both of those alibi witnesses were recently arrested by the TBI and charged with perjury.

*The D.A. there says his office is considering re-introducing the rape case.