Source: Previous case had impact on search for missing 3-year-old

UNCUT: Father of missing 3-year-old talks
Maurice Brown Jr., 3.
Maurice Brown Jr., 3.
Maurice Brown, Sr., Photo: Shelby County Jail.
Maurice Brown, Sr., Photo: Shelby County Jail.

(WMC-TV) – The father of a missing 3-year-old who was later found dead in a dumpster is also a rapper in his free time.

Police say Maurice Brown, Sr., hurt his son, but he hasn't been charged with the child's death at this point.

Memphis rapper Yung Chip, better known now as Maurice Brown, Sr., posted four rap videos to YouTube.

Defense attorney Taylor Eskridge represented Brown, Sr., when he was accused of assaulting his son's mother in 2010.

He pled guilty to a misdemeanor and received diversion.

While Eskridge is not involved in the current case against Brown, Sr., she has met with him since his arrest on a child neglect charge and the discovery of his son's body.

"Anyone that lost a child would be grieving, but, you know, I just don't intend to go too far into our conversation," she said.

Thursday morning, Action News 5 received a subpoena from the district attorney's office. Prosecutors have requested all of the station's raw footage of Brown.

Attorneys are specifically interested in an interview Brown gave to Action News 5 before his arrest. During the interview, Brown referred to his son in the past tense.

"That was my man, that my soul," Brown, Sr., said Monday. "I love him to death."

Brown, Sr., also said a cut on his knuckle was the result of maintenance work at a fast food restaurant.

Defense attorney Mike Working is not connected to Brown's case either, but said prosecutors may not be in a hurry to file additional criminal charges, especially with Brown's bond set at a million dollars.

"They can always go straight to the grand jury and seek an indictment and start proceedings in a state court," he said.

Regardless of what's next, Brown's former attorney requests the public withhold its judgment.

"Wait until there's an opportunity to get before 12 impartial jurors before we make a determination of guilt or innocence," she said.

A source told Action News 5 Thursday, that the Shakara Dickens case was a major motivating factor in the police department's systematic search of dumpsters in the area where Maurice Brown, Jr., went missing.

Dickens, who was recently sentenced for killing her baby, told a judge she disposed of her child's body by throwing her body in a dumpster. The child's body was never found.

A local funeral home has donated its services for Maurice Brown, Jr.'s, funeral.

The 3-year-old's wake will be held Saturday, at 11 a.m. at Progressive Missionary Baptist Church, 394 Vance Ave. The funeral will begin at 1 p.m.

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