Duo wanted for robbing four Memphis pharmacies

(WMC-TV) - A guy dressed in camouflage and his accomplice can't hide from the camera as they entered one of four Memphis pharmacies they're accused of robbing in the last two weeks.

Pilfering prescription pain pills by either jumping the counter while employees are distracted or implying they have a weapon.

The thieves started with the Walgreens at Park and Highland, before hitting the CVS Pharmacy at Winchester and Kirby. They then knocked over another Walgreens at Poplar and Massey in East Memphis. Finally they hit the Fred's Pharmacy on Summer at 3:30 in the afternoon.

"When they come in the middle of the day, that's something that never used to happen," said Midtown pharmacist, Charles Smith.

Smith began limiting his inventory of popular pain killers after a series of crimes.

"We just carry an amount, a small amount," said Smith.

Police say those are the same types of pills these suspects are after.

Drugs like Oxycodone that usually feeds an addiction or a need for easy money.

"Like 25 or 30 dollars a tablet on the street and they cost us less than a dollar on most of those," said Smith.

Customers worry things could escalate if there's another robbery.

"Hope that no one gets hurt or killed in the process of while they're robbing the store, you know," said Linda Jones a customer at Wiles-Smith Drugstore.

Police say the crooks got away in a white car following three of the four crimes for which they are wanted.

These crimes are not believed to be connected with a couple of more violent robberies of Walgreens stores in Collierville and Cordova.

You are asked to call Crime-Stoppers at 901-528-CASH if you have any information.

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