Memphis roller girls show attitude on wheels

(WMC-TV) - Sports reporters generally fall into two categories: former athletes and people who always wanted to be athletes.

Action News 5's Carrie Anderson wants you to know that she was not an athlete, but instead, was a proud member of the band.

Even so, she found a sport in Memphis that is right up her alley.

The women of Memphis Roller Derby seem tough in the rink but who they are when they are not battling it out on skates may surprise you.

There are teachers, assistants, and even nurses who are taking on the sport of roller derby.

Names like Brooken Bones, Midtown Maul Her, and Bad Juju give personality to a sport that is gaining popularity across the country.

But forget what you know about the old, violent derby from back in the day.

"We are a legitimate sport, so there are no punches thrown or anything like that," explained Brooke Gettys, also known as "Brooken Bones". "If you see a fight, it's real and someone is gonna get in trouble, probably going to be suspended."

"I don't have a sports background, did things when I was younger, gymnastics and cheer, but never anything competitive or full contact," said Joy Rothheim, also known as "Bad JuJu". "That was incredibly intimidating, but once I got into it, and comfortable skating, it was a breeze. Love every minute of it."

Wondering how roller derby works?

Teams are made up of five players each: a jammer, three blockers, and a pivot.

The pivots set the pace, the blockers do the knocking, and the jammer scores points for each opponent they pass.

There are four teams within Memphis Roller Derby, and they compete about once a month at the fairgrounds.

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