Tiny cars create huge impact in North Mississippi

Former President Clinton speaking at Greentech Automotive's unveiling of the tiny car Friday in Horn Lake.
Former President Clinton speaking at Greentech Automotive's unveiling of the tiny car Friday in Horn Lake.

HORN LAKE, MS - (WMC-TV) – A Mississippi car company had a huge unveiling about a tiny car Friday. The announcement was so big, a former President was there.

It was sweltering inside Greentech Automotive's plant Friday afternoon for the guest of honor, but that couldn't stop the celebration of almost one thousand jobs that will generate revenue right here in north Mississippi.

As President Clinton was introduced, flags waved inside and outside celebrating a new beginning.

"We've got to take this opportunity to bring manufacturing back to America," President Clinton said.

"With the new plants being constructed we will have over 900 employees here in the great state of Mississippi," Greentech chairman Terry McAuliffe said.

Former Democratic National Chairman Terry McAuliffe is trying his hand at making electric cars right here in North Mississippi after purchasing the successful company from China.

"It really matters that you can come to Horn Lake, Mississippi and come up with a new technology that offers the prospect of providing a product at an affordable price."

McAullife and Former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, opposites on party lines, merged to bring jobs and opportunity.

"We got things done because democrats and republicans worked together," Governor Barbour said.

The cars may be small, but their impact on the environment is big. On one charge, the cars can travel more than 100 miles without any emissions for around $15,000.

Denmark is the plant's first customer. But even with a top speed of 25 miles per hour, in this country McAullife sees purpose here at home.

"It's a utility car. Universities, college campuses, military bases; I think there's a great application."

"I am very proud of you. I congratulate you on this day," President Clinton said.

At today's unveiling, Domino's Pizza announced the purchase of several cars to be used as delivery vehicles at Ole Miss. President Clinton said he hopes other businesses will see the use for the cars too.

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