Police investigate fight between Graceland visitor, shuttle bus driver

Heddy Ross, Graceland employee, tells her side of how the altercation took place.
Heddy Ross, Graceland employee, tells her side of how the altercation took place.

(WMC-TV) – An altercation involving a Graceland shuttle bus driver and a visitor ensued when the bus driver was loading a visitor with disabilities into the shuttle bus.

Heddy Ross, the shuttle driver, told Action News 5 that the visitor is the one who attacked her.  Ross said she was only trying to do her job when she was cursed at and pushed.

Ross described the altercation between her and William Olinger.  Ross said Olinger told her to "get your (expletive) hands off my (expletive) son.  I don't want your (expletive) to touch my son."

Olinger is telling police a different story.  He said he was only trying to help her put his son into the bus.  After their Graceland tour, two men assaulted him near the gift shop.

According to Olinger, he and Ross had an argument while Ross was loading Olinger's son and his wheelchair into the transport van.  He said Ross nearly tipped him over.

"When I released the brake and rocked the wheelchair, the wheelchair went back a little bit and hit the side of the bus," explained Ross.

Olinger said he touched Ross on her shoulder and asked her to move so he could load his son into the shuttle.  However, Ross told Olinger he could not assist because it is against company policy.

That is when the argument began.

"He walked up to me and pushed me in my chest.  I said, 'Sir, don't put your hands back on me again,'" stated Ross.

Olinger then asked Ross to get her supervisor.

After Olinger and his family finished their tour of Elvis' mansion, Olinger said he and three members of his family were later assaulted by two other men.

He said one of the men stated, "So you cursed and pushed my mother?  You must don't know how we do it out here."

"I don't know who it was because I was with security and my husband was over there conversating with the family and I was speaking with security," said Ross.

Additionally, a security guard said he injured his left hand during the altercation.  He claims the men also threw his radio on the roof of a building.

So far, no arrests have been made.  Officials with Elvis Presley Enterprises say they have no comment at this time.

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