The referendum debate continues

(WMC-TV) - It is a fight for the future of Suburban education. On one side is the Shelby County Commission who want to block the August 2nd referendums.

And on the other side you have the leaders from Memphis' six suburbs, and they believe their residents have the right to a vote.

Last month, the Commission filed the federal lawsuit in an effort to keep the suburbs from breaking off from the new Memphis City Shelby County School district, and forming their own.

The lawsuit argues that municipal school districts are unconstitutional and promote racial segregation.

Suburban leaders say they plan to fight the lawsuit by any means necessary.

The mayor of Collierville, Stan Jones, said they won't give up.

"Things like this just increase our resolve, and we'll push forward with it …we're not gonna crumble," Jones said.

The judge will meet with attorneys on both sides for a status conference today.

Also, he is expected to give his opinion this week, possibly before early voting on the referendum.

The referendum is scheduled to start this Friday.

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