2-year-old nearly drowns at his birthday party

(WMC-TV) - A 2-year-old boy at the center of a custody battle nearly drowned at his own birthday party Sunday afternoon.

Christopher Hampton's grandmother, Diana Mendoza, said there was quite a crowd at her house for the celebration.

They were all having a great time when she looked out and her grandson was being dragged from the pool.

"Within five minutes, my world would have ended, but thank God it didn't," Mendoza said.

Around 50 people were gathered around the pool in her backyard.

They were celebrating the birthdays of four family members, including her 2-year-old grandson Christopher Hampton III, nicknamed Trey.

"I sat Trey down on the concrete in front of Kayla and I said, 'I'm going inside to get the next cake and we're gonna do the next birthday for Trey,'" she said.

Mendoza said while she was inside, two sheriff's deputies pulled up in her driveway.

They escorted Hampton's mother to the house because she wanted to see her son.

When Mendoza walked back to her backyard, she says she will never forget what she saw.

"Everybody started yelling and screaming and they had my 2-year-old grandson on the ground and a gentleman who was retired Navy was doing CPR on my grandson," she said.

Mendoza said Trey nearly drowned in the kiddie pool.

She said within seconds, he was breathing again and began to look around.

"I don't think it registered with me just how close I came to losing my first grandchild," she said.

Mendoza said just a couple of hours later, the boy was playing and swimming again.

"God chose to keep my grandson here on Earth another day," she added.

Mendoza said she definitely learned her lesson the hard way.

She said every child who comes near her pool will wear a vest.

She she also plans to go back and re-certify in CPR.

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