Ministers speak out against lewd video

Local pastors take stand against vulgar acts

(WMC-TV) – A video of men and women performing lewd acts in a Memphis nightclub outraged the community, as well as a local church group.

The Ecumenical Empowerment Organization is speaking out against the acts depicted in the video that went viral on the Internet.

"We stand against the kind of behavior recently that we've seen particularly with team taboo and the public display of the sexual activity and performing sexual acts in the various clubs," said Pastor Dr. Thomas Murray.

Ministers at Anointed Temple Church called a news conference to denounce the vulgar acts at the Team Taboo event.

"And it's important that young people and youth pastors across this city ah really take a stand with this team taboo and what's going on in nightclubs here in Memphis," said Reverend Bobby Hampton.

Now, pastors are warning parents that the video is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to lewd behavior involving young people.

"And it's important that we as parents really get deep with our young people and see what's going on, not only in the nightclub, but on Facebook and Twitter because these are where our young people are getting recruited from," said Rev. Hampton.

The ministers have established what they call a no compromise movement. In addition to drawing attention to groups like Team Taboo, the ministers are also trying to draw attention to human trafficking and other situations where young people are being exploited.

In the coming weeks, the minister will even host workshops to make parents more aware of human trafficking, child abuse, and other threats to children.

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