GreenTech Automotive seeks new employees

GreenTech Automotive seeks new employees
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(WMC-TV) - GreenTech Automotive (GTA) hosted a talent meet and greet at its Horn Lake facility Tuesday.

GreenTech is currently looking for top engineering talent to help launch a recently introduced product - My Car. The My Car has been making waves lately as it is a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV).

GTA says they are looking for driven, entrepreneurial individuals with strong technical backgrounds and a passion about electric vehicles.

The company is also working with Northwest Mississippi Community College on pre-training programs for line positions.

Here are the positions the company wants to fill:

• Assembly technicians

• Automotive design Engineer

• Automotive Electrical Engineer

• Battery Process Engineer

• Commodity Sourcing Manager

• Cost Accountant

• Manufacturing Process Engineer

• Quality Engineer

• Quality Technician

• Senior Electric Vehicle and Hybrid Design Engineer

• Sr. Chassis CAD Design Engineer

• Sr. Material and Process Engineer (Automotive)

• Sr. Structure and Body-In-White Design Engineer

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