All Memphis Police recruits file injury reports

(AP) - All 66 Memphis Police recruits have filed injury claims after a "bear crawl" exercise on a hot day.

According to The Commercial Appeal, the exercise was conducted on June 28 - a day when the high temperature ultimately reached 101 degrees.

Initially 10 recruits reported on-the-job injuries, but the entire class eventually filed claims.

Police spokeswoman Karen Rudolph said the bear crawl is a strength-building exercise done on all fours, using hands and feet to run like a bear. Rudolph said some recruits received first aid at the training academy while other did not require medical attention.

In August 2009, an unidentified police recruit was accidentally shot in the arm during training.

Recruits are going through 21 weeks of training and will graduate in November.

Information from: The Commercial Appeal.

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