Golf course manager faces fines for killing Canada Geese

Golf course manager faces fines for killing Canadian Geese

(WMC-TV) - Residents along one Dyersburg golf course are furious over the killing of geese in their front yards.

The general manager of The Farms admitted that he is the one who shot these geese because they were doing thousands of dollars in damage to his course.

Canadian geese invaded the golf course and residential area in Dyersburg two weeks ago.

"All we want as homeowners is for the geese to be left alone until they're through molting, though molting season will last another two to three weeks," said resident Steve North.

North and other neighbors have been feeding these geese.

But, The Farms General Manager David Alexander said they have been causing thousands of dollars in damage to his newly renovated course.

"Just spent a total, just for the sprigs, $52,000 plus and then we spend another $10,000 in sand and chemicals," added Alexander.

On June 29, neighbors heard what they thought were fireworks.  Instead, it was gunshots.

Neighbors along the lake looked out and saw dead geese floating in the water.

"In our haste, we ran out and we shot a few geese. They went back to the lake on the residence and did not get back on the green," admitted Alexander.

Shooting Canadian Geese is a federal offense.

Now, Alexander will face a big fine for each goose he shot.

"They have been running golf carts through them and trying to run over them when they got on the fairway, which has crippled two of them," said North.

Neighbors say there are more geese along the course this year because of the drought.

Golf course mangers say they have been a problem for 15 years.

"There are other alternatives to keep them off the grass such as bird repellant. We could have put up fencing and that was all offered to be paid for," North said.

Dyersburg police say that both David Alexander and Charles Skaggs Junior will appear in Dyersburg City Court on July 20 for firing weapons inside city limits.

Alexander said he is waiting to hear back from U.S. Fish and Wildlife about the exact amount of his fine.

But, he says from now on, he will be looking at other ways to take care of the goose problem.

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