Man behind Team Taboo defends party, graphic viral video

Man behind Team Taboo defends party, graphic viral video

(WMC-TV) – The man behind a controversial party caught on camera is defending his business. The video depicts partygoers engaging in sexually explicit acts.

The party put on at Club Elements, which is temporarily closed pending an investigation, was organized by a company that goes by the name "Team Taboo".

Team Taboo Founder Datrin Delaney did a lengthy interview with his cousin, who runs a YouTube channel called W.E. A.L.L. B.E. T.V.

"I hate that video even got out. It puts a bad name. We're not about that. It's basically one big family," Delaney said of his organization, Team Taboo.

The district attorney's office shut down Club Elements. Police and prosecutors say they are still investigating Team Taboo.

Despite video to the contrary, Delaney said, "There was no sex taking, no sex taking place in the establishment that night. No sex was going on."

He continued, "People I saw in the video, I mean actually they knew each other. It wasn't like this random orgy or sex fest like people might've thought they saw."

Delaney said he started Team Taboo one year ago hoping to make a positive impact in the community.

"We've actually helped a lot of homeless people. We've put roofs over people's head. We've fed them," Delaney said during his interview on YouTube. "I want this to be a place, to be a place where people can come and be themselves. Build their confidence up. I didn't want people to have to turn to a gang and actually end up behind bars."

Delaney said Team Taboo raises money for people in need. They are about to kick off a fundraiser for the family of "a child who just died."

Action News 5 could not find Team Taboo in the state's 501(c)3 database. Delaney's phone number goes straight to voicemail and the mailbox was full.

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