Better Business Bureau warns of Memphis air conditioning company

Better Business Bureau warns of Memphis air conditioning company

(WMC-TV) - After a third heat-related death in Shelby County, the Better Business Bureau of the Mid-South is issuing a different kind of warning about a Memphis air conditioning company.

"If you're looking for someone to fix your air conditioner, Merle Grimes & Sons might not be the best company to call," warned BBB Spokesperson Nancy Crawford.

With seven unanswered service complaints from Merle Grimes & Sons customers, the BBB is considering turning over their findings to law enforcement.

The BBB has rated Merle Grimes & Sons with an "F" for the three years.

"Consumers are telling us they've paid him from $800 up to $2,800 to have air conditioning systems installed," explained Crawford.

However, Crawford says some work was never completed and other work was completed, but the air conditioners didn't work.

The BBB also has questions about whether Merle Grimes is actually in business.

"He has told us he's no longer doing work, but according to the consumer complaints, he has initiated work since the time he told us he wasn't," Crawford elaborated.

Action News 5 knocked on doors at the two locations where the business is listed.

At the first home, no one answered where the BBB said Grimes is receiving mail.

At the second home, Ronnie Jones answered the door.

Jones said he never met Merle Grimes, but Action News 5 was not the first to knock on his door about the complaints.

"Somebody came here mad about two months ago," said Jones .

Jones, who takes pride in his own work as a roofer, had sympathy for the victims.

"I think it's pretty bad, if they're ripping people off," he said.

Crawford recommends you check out a company's record before you give them your money.

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