Crittenden County to add criminals to most wanted list

Crittendon counties most wanted

(WMC-TV)- Police will not be the only people looking for criminals in Crittenden County anymore.

The county is now releasing the pictures out to the public with the hope of tracking these people down.

Law enforcement agencies are teaming up to decrease crime in their neighborhoods and they need the public's help.

Police hope that once the community sees the photos of those that are on the list they can help find some of Crittenden County's most wanted fugitives.

Mike Callender, who is the chief investigator at Crittenden County Sheriff's Department said, "It'll be a list of people with outstanding warrants that we've not been able to locate."

Each suspect is wanted for a variety of reasons ranging from murder and theft to aggravated robbery and assault.

There are also those like William Steve Wood of Lakeshore, who are wanted for violation of the Registered Sex Offender Act.

"He had dropped out of sight. Here in Arkansas, they have to register every six months. If they move they have to update their address, phone numbers, that type of thing this guy had not done that," said Callender.

The pictures of the people on the most wanted list will be featured in The Evening Times and those photos will eventually be put online.

Gary Meece, who is the managing editor at The Evening Times said, "We're trying to determine exactly how often we're going to do this. It's going to be at least every few weeks."

Callender said, "It just gives the general public a chance to see these people. People can say 'I just saw that guy the other day or that he's over at his momma's house.' It gives us more eyes and ears basically."

The most wanted list is not yet available online.

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