TSU administrators accused of changing students' grades

(WMC-TV) – A group of faculty members at Tennessee State University are accusing administrators of fixing grades.

The University president says the accusations are not true. And now, a state lawmaker is promising to get to the bottom of it.

Senator Jim Summerville is chair of the Senate Higher Education Subcommittee. At his request, the group will hold hearings over the grade change controversy.

"We're going to be thorough," Summerville said. " We're going to ask TSU folks to come - faculty, registrar, others - who can show us the records, the internal investigation."

So, here's the reason the faculty members have brought forth their claims.

They say the grades of about 100 TSU students in two fall math courses were switched from incomplete to complete letter grades.

Members of TSU's Association of University Professors complained to the board of regents who then called for the university to investigate.

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