Search for Holly Bobo continues 15 months later

Search for Holly Bobo continues 15 months later
Holly Bobo
Holly Bobo

(WMC-TV) – A new search for a missing Tennessee woman is being coordinated by the Center For Missing Persons out of North Carolina.

Despite a $250,000 reward, there has been no word from Holly Bobo since she went missing 15 months ago.

Bobo was last seen by her brother in April 2011. He said she watched as his sister walked into the woods with a man wearing camouflage, who was holding her arm.

"We still believe that she is alive, ah, we still believe down deep in our hearts that we are going to find her," said her pastor, Donald Franks.

Franks spoke with Action News 5 about Bobo's mysterious disappearance by phone.

"Well, for one thing we feel like the community will not be, we won't feel safe until we find the person that did this and bring them to justice," he said.

Pastor Franks said the searches planned for this weekend are being organized by a group out of North Carolina called Community United Effort Center.

"We're very keen to details or clues or anything that we may be able to find. We want to make sure that we haven't missed anything," said Pastor Franks.

Franks says Holly's disappearance has been hard on her family and hard on the community.

"The other thing is Holly, there are so many people here who have daughters and granddaughters the same age, ah, and her disappearance has touched all of us."

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