Bad manicure leads to three fingernail surgeries

Bad manicure leads to three fingernail surgeries

(WMC-TV)- A "nightmare manicure" caused a Mississippi teenager's fingernails to fall off.  She has now had to have three surgeries to try to repair the damage to her fingers.

Virgie Peterson was 13 years old when her mother took her to get a back-to-school manicure. Just days later, she said the acrylic began chipping, she felt pain, and the nail on her ring finger lifted.

They returned to the salon looking for answers.

"We went back to the nail shop and the lady she took the nail off and all we seen was pus and my tissues growing out of my finger," said Peterson.

The saxophone player says she lost her nail to an infection and is now being treated by a plastic surgeon.

"I had a third surgery. He did a skin graft, took my skin off, and put it on top of my finger with stitches," Peterson said.

Her grandmother, Virgie Williams, said employees at the nail shop did not want to take responsibility when she requested information about their insurance.  She accuses them of unsafe business practices.

"Stop using the same tools on people.  I've seen them take the manicure tools and just put alcohol on them, take a towel and rub it and go back to work," said Williams.

Since getting her nails done, the teen has learned that the man who did her manicure is no longer working at the shop.

The salon owner's son said he would be contacting Mrs. Williams and her granddaughter to try to rectify the problem.

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