Former MCS superintendent criticized for "bad decisions"

Former Memphis City School Superintendent under fire

(WMC-TV) – A former Memphis City Schools Superintendent is under fire for not disciplining an employee.

Now some Boston city and school leaders want Dr. Carol Johnson booted from the top job.

There is turmoil in Boston Public Schools over Superintendent Dr. Carol Johnson's decision to not discipline a school headmaster who was sentenced for assaulting his wife.

Boston school committee member Mary Tamer told Boston's NPR radio station, WBUR, that she was "absolutely disgusted."

Johnson, superintendent for Memphis City Schools from 2003 to 2007, kept former Central High School assistant principal Rodney Peterson on the job and never disciplined him after he was arrested in June 2011 for punching and choking his wife.

He later admitted the assault and was sentenced to probation.

Johnson even wrote a letter of support to the judge in Peterson's case.

Several Boston City Councilors also expressed concerns over her failure to act.

"I'm deeply disturbed by how this situation with Mr. Peterson was handled, where someone who plead out a domestic battery case and committed this brutal act of violence was allowed, knowingly allowed, to go back into the classroom, or back into the school, for a year," Boston City Council member John Connoll told WBUR. "That's deeply troubling. But what is equally troubling for me is what I see as a pattern of bad decisions and poor leadership by Dr. Johnson."

Dr. Johnson apologized for what she calls a "mistake" and promises to put a new policy into place to detail how to handle similar cases in the future.

Peterson resigned from his position in Boston Public Schools after the domestic assault charge came to light earlier this year. When he resigned, he was a finalist for a job as principal at a Memphis City School.

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