Small businesses get help in down economy

Small business owners in Mississippi stay afloat

(WMC-TV) – In this economy it is getting to be very difficult for small businesses to survive. Now, some owners are getting support from the federal government.

Charlotte Dicus and her husband, Chris, run a small business in Oxford, Mississippi. They have shelves stocked with party supplies, but they must do a lot of different jobs to keep those shelves full.

"You don't have a stock person, you don't have a financial person, you are everything, to a small business one person means the world," said Dicus.

Pete Nelson makes up the third and final member of their team. They just made it through their first year.

"The first year is the hardest and we found that out, a lot of growing pains but we made it through everything, and it's just kind of an adjustment you have to learn your new schedule and new way of doing things," said Dicus.

Charlotte and Chris Dicus went to Monday's Rural Economic Forum to learn and meet new people.

"We want you to leave here with one, access to new information, new programs, new technical assistance that may be available the other thing is relationships," said Chris Masingill, Delta Regional Authority.

President Obama appointed Masingill as Federal co-chair of the Delta Regional Authority.

"We need to be doing everything in government, in our communities, in our financial institutions to make sure we are supporting small businesses, they create the jobs in our local community," he said.

Thursday, he joined other leaders to share information and said Oxford fell on a short list of destinations.

"Oxford is a great example for other communities to follow, there's a strong small business and entrepreneurship spirit in Oxford," said Masingill.

That spirit, and maybe the town's love for a good time, have made the Dicus' first year a small business success story in Oxford.

"We will be expanding, doubling in size, and taking advantages of some opportunities we see for costumes," said Chris Dicus.

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