Dogs rescued from abandoned home

Dogs rescued from abandoned home

(WMC-TV) – The Action News 5 Investigators orchestrated a rescue Thursday after we were contacted about two pit bulls abandoned in a Memphis neighborhood.

Police arrested the man who owned the pit bulls. The male and female were abandoned and chained up.

"I think somebody need to come and get them before somebody get bit or hurt or killed or something," said neighbor, Jason Shaw.

Desperate neighbors called Action News 5 after the male and female pit bull were left at an abandoned house on Sherwood and Florida.

"They haven't eaten or had water or anything. Nobody can get close to them to give them water or food or anything," said neighbor, Larry Nelson.

The female dog that had puppies about 6 months ago, ribs are showing and she is injured.

"You have little kids walking past here," said Shaw. "The girl dog she's so vicious she'll come out and attack."

The male is chained and can't get to shelter. He drank water from a puddle on the driveway.

Neighbors say the dog's owner lived in an empty house but did not rent it. He went to jail and that's when things went bad for the dogs.

It is not clear where most of the puppies ended up.

Neighbors couldn't seem to get anyone to rescue the dogs.

"I believe ya'll can get the right answers to fix it," said Shaw.

Action News 5 called Memphis Animal Services. Officer Mickens showed up, assessed the situation then pulled out his catch pole and a big net and gently captured the female dog. He petted her at one point to calm her. After he put her in the truck he went after the male who barked a bit but with his expert technique, Mickens was able to get the dog to eventually come quietly.

"They're beautiful dogs," Nelson said. "They need to be taken care of."

The dogs are currently being assessed at the animal shelter. Neighbors said they were nice dogs until they were abandoned. Action News 5 will keep you updated on what happens to them.

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