Businesses say construction is affecting bottom line

Businesses say construction is affecting bottom line

(WMC-TV) - Construction on some of Germantown's busiest streets is being 80 percent paid for by the federal government, but local businesses in that area say they are paying the price.

Major construction is being done on Poplar Avenue, Farmington Boulevard, and Exeter Road.

It is highly populated with retail and shopping locations but many of the businesses complain that the construction is affecting their bottom lines.

"We're having some slow times because of the road construction," said Judy Jones, owner of All About Weddings and Gifts.

Jones has been in business 22 years and has always loved the location. However, the construction is making things difficult because people are having a hard time getting in and out due to the traffic.

According to city officials, the construction is necessary to alleviate maintenance issues on area streets.

Jones agrees that the roadwork was needed but thinks the city could have gone about the construction in another way.

"And we need the road construction, but I think they could've done it a few blocks at a time rather than tearing up the whole city," she said.

City officials say drainage in the area will be improved and the amount of maintenance it requires will be drastically reduced.

The project is expected to be finished in mid-November.

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