Mid-South man sues famous boy bands for $5 million

Mid-South man sues famous boy bands for $5 million

(WMC-TV) - A man who helped put the stage together when New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys performed at the FedEx Forum last year is now suing both boy bands for millions of dollars.

The man claims the atmosphere on stage before this concert was dangerous and he is now suing everyone involved in the tour's production.

The June 2011 New Kids On The Block and Back Street Boys concert at the Fedex Forum was a sell-out crowd of screaming fans.

But it was what happened before the boys took the stage that has one crew member screaming foul.

According to a recently filed lawsuit, William Styron, an Arkansas stagehand traveling with Crew One Productions says he suffered a "traumatic brain injury" while helping to set up the show.

Styron says he slipped and fell into a 13 foot hole on the stage and landed on the concrete floor of the arena.

The lawsuit says there were no signs, cones, or anything in place to alert him of the danger.

Kathleen Ball, an injury told Action News 5 by phone that the case has been reassigned from circuit court to federal court due to the high amount of money they are seeking. They are asking for $5 million.

According to his complaint, Styron says there were several witnesses at the time of the incident and someone called 911.

"When the ambulance arrived, the plaintiff was unresponsive and had already suffered a loss of consciousness, seizures, and convulsions," according to the lawsuit.

Styron is suing for injuries and damages, which include medical expenses and mental pain and anguish.

TMZ is reporting that both boy bands deny the allegations and claim the accident was Styron's fault for not looking where he was going.

The injury attorneys are demanding a jury trial.

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