YOUR TURN: Teacher certification scam

(WMC-TV) - This week's "Your Turn" segment goes to Anna Bolton.  Bolton is a local teacher who is disgusted by the allegations this that many area teachers cheated on a certification test by paying someone else to take the test for them. The accused mastermind of this scheme is a former Memphis City School assistant principal who has now been named in a 45-count federal indictment. In Bolton's words:

"This is disgusting. The Praxis tests are not even that difficult, and a person who cannot pass them does not belong in an academic position. I am a teacher who passed all the Praxis exams after taking education classes. I am also a soon to be parent, whose child will likely go to an MCS school one day. So yes, this situation affects me in many ways. Are the other people who participated being charged too? They ought to be. This is a disgrace to the teaching profession. What an embarrassment."

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