Geocaching becomes popular Mid-South hobby

What is geocaching?

(WMC-TV) – Until a man and teenager got lost in the woods while geocaching, many people were not familiar with the GPS-related hobby.

Joe Wyrick is affiliated with the group Geocachers of West Tennessee. He describes it as a treasure or scavenger hunt with a GPS device. The cache is the hidden treasure.

Geocachers look for the prize with GPS devices. There are over one million caches worldwide and they can be found in parks, parking lots, and urban areas There are plenty of websites dedicated to it and hundreds of caches are hidden in Shelby County.

But Joe Wyrick says the cache the two young men were looking for in the woods in Fayette County is considered one of the hardest ones to find in the area.

The cache they were looking for is apparently near the Wolf River in a waterproof container.

Wyrick says GPS devices are better to use than smartphones, especially in difficult hunts like this one.

"GPS units are pretty accurate, they can get you within about 20 feet of the latitude and longitude of where the cache is hidden. In the case of the smart phone, you usually do not have that level of accuracy," said Wyrick.

Geocaching is considered fun and safe for the whole family when you have the right equipment in solid working condition.

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