Canoeing couple heard lost men's calls for help

Canoeing Couple Heard Cry's for help

FAYETTE COUNTY, TN - (WMC-TV) – A Memphis teenager and his friend are counting their blessings tonight after being lost in the woods for 36 hours. They were found thanks to dozens of friends and family members, police and volunteers searching for hours to track them down.

A couple canoeing says they heard their calls for help. The couple was out canoeing a part of the Wolf River they say was in the middle of nowhere. No other people were in sight. Then they heard voices calling for help.

"We will do that section again it was really fun," Adam Yancey said.

A fun Sunday canoeing on the Wolf River in Fayette County for Adam Yancey and his girlfriend Laura Carter. No one was in sight as they paddled through the overgrown paths.

"It had obviously been several years since anyone had taken the path we did," Yancey said.

"We could hear off in the distance, a voice. And there is no one else out there," he added. "No other people canoeing or doing what we were doing."

The couple could barely make out the voices.

"The closer we got it sounded like they were yelling help," Laura Carter said. "They started clapping really really fast."

Then the voices faded away. Because of the winding river they never heard where the voices were coming from or what was wrong.

"It sounded like the call for help was coming from one direction and then we would make a sharp turn and it would come from a different direction," added Carter.

Once home, they heard that Cody Hanford and Justin Willingham were missing and then Monday morning were relived to get the good news of the rescue.

"You don't want to go down there unprepared and you don't want to go down there at night ever. It's rough and tumble country. Snakes, turtles, carnivorous catfish," Yancey said.

The couple actually called authorities this morning to let them know the last place they heard the men, but the two had already been rescued by that point. The couple says they were very lucky.

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