Murder charges dropped against former homicide detective

Kelton Green
Kelton Green

(WMC-TV) - "This is the most difficult decision I've had to make in my 19 years of having to dismiss a charge like that," said Desoto County District Attorney, John Champion.

The D.A. dropped murder charges against Kelton Green, a former Memphis Police homicide detective. A grand jury indicted Kelton Green in the 2010 shooting death of his wife, Charlotte. She was sitting at a computer in their Nesbit home when she was shot several times from outside the home.

"I came to the conclusion the evidence was not going to be as strong as I initially thought," Champion said.

Champion says the case against Green was circumstantial. There were no witnesses and no confession.

Champion decided a week before the trial was scheduled last month to take another look at the case after Green's attorney, Steve Farese came to him with the results of his investigation.

"We're elated the charges were dropped," Farese said. "We think that as the right thing to do."

Farese discovered certain evidence the D.A. was going to use was not as strong as first thought. Neither man would give details.

No one answered the door at Green's home. He has always said he did not murder his wife of more than 50 years.

When asked if he thought his client committed the crime, Farese said, "I don't want to inject my opinion. You just have to go where the evidence leads you."

Steve Farese says he has a few suspects but nothing concrete. The charges against Kelton Green were dismissed without prejudice which means if The D.A. gets new evidence the case can be brought up again.

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