Voting issues confuse, frustrate people going to the polls

Voting issues confuse, frustrate people going to the polls

(WMC-TV) - Polling places all over the Mid-South are reporting early voting problems and now people are asking, "Should I even bother to vote early?"

The municipal school referendums on the ballot are posing a problem for Shelby County. Some voters say the referendums were not on the ballots.

The frustration caused by the voting issues is evident throughout the county. In Collierville, Action News 5 was told the county election commission failed to include people from 568 homes that were annexed in December.

In Millington, some voters say the school issue was missing from the ballot altogether.

And in Bartlett, a voter said he did not get to vote on schools because a poll worker keyed in the wrong information about him.

League of Women Voters President Peg Watkins said there issues like these are fairly common.

"There are always issues during every election. Citizens need to stop and ask the poll worker their legitimate questions about whatever issue they're dealing with," said Watkins.

She said that you should ask any questions or voice any concerns about your ballot before you vote.

"Once you cast your vote. Once you press that button you cannot go back and change your vote so be sure you know what you're voting on and that it's in front of you in the summary page before you push the button to cast your vote."

She also suggests that early voters wait a few days to give Shelby County time to clear up the problems.

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