Ants becoming more of a problem due to drought

Ants a big problem in the Mid-South

(WMC-TV) - Are ants bugging you this summer? You are not alone.

You may be noticing more of them making regular appearances where they do not belong, and it could be due to the dry spell.

"Typically, they show up more in the summer time," said Steve Christensen, Fortress Termite Control.

Christensen says the summer season combined with a long dry spell is sending ant colonies in search of water.

"We had a long period here just recently where we had no rain, got really dry outside. ants gotta have some moisture just like we do, so they come inside to try to find it. It's as simple as that," said Christensen.

Christensen recommends making it harder for ants to find moisture at your house. Suggestions include placing drain-off devices underneath gutter downspouts and keeping three to four inches of space between mulch and foundation.

He also suggests treating weep holes with repellant without completely blocking them off.

"Patience is a virtue when it comes to ants, let me tell you that. Patience. It takes one, two weeks to get rid of an ant problem," said Christensen.

It is a problem that may not completely disappear until the seasons change or rain moves in.

If you can afford it, Christensen suggests quarterly service from pest control professionals because ongoing treatment is most effective.

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