Biggest Loser alumni work to keep off the weight

(WMC-TV) – The audition tape that Jaquin Allen and Larialmy Allen submitted to The Biggest Loser showed the challenges of being overweight.

They discussed problems they faced like getting into the car and fitting into clothes.

Their tape was enough to get NBC's attention and soon the duo was on its way to starring in season 11 of the hit reality show.

On the show, their fat began melting away. Unfortunately, six weeks into the show, the couple was voted off.

By the season finale, the two revealed their slimmer bodies, showing viewers they were still losing weight after their brief stint on the show.

Jaquin dropped nearly 100 pounds. Larialmy went from size 28 to size 14.

But two months after the reality show wrapped up, life happened. Jaquin lost his job. The stress of living on one paycheck weighed so heavily on the couple, they reverted back to their old eating habits.

The pair actually gained back 75 percent of their weight.

"It's just like an addict. When they're stressed out, they turn to their addiction. For us, food was our addiction," said Jaquin.

"You have some people that ask, 'Weren't you on the biggest loser?' Or 'Wow you've gained weight.' Or looking at you strangely and you know what they're thinking," said Larialmy.

The Allens say their food addiction got out of control.

"Ten pounds became 20, 20 become 30..then I just became disgusted with looking at myself," said Larialmy.

That difficult reflection forced the two to make a change.

For Jaquin, it was their son who motivated him.

"The real driving force for my change, not only my wife, but the fact that I had a son. I'm in the park playing with my son, I have to cut the park visit short because daddy can't breathe," he explained.

Paige Edwards is a trainer. She said the key to keeping off the weight is changing your relationship with food.

"Every day you have a choice. What you eat? Whether you exercise, it's all about making good choices," she said.

One year after The Biggest Loser, Jaquin now has a full-time job and both he and his wife are back in the gym on their own terms.

They say they can lose the weight again and they plan to keep it off.

"I actually feel a lot better doing it on my own than when I was on the show. It's weird but it's the truth," said Larialmy.

"It's not always about the number on the scale. At the end of the day if you can say 'I honestly feel good about myself because I went to work. I ate right. I moved around as much as I could. I went to the gym I sweated. I had a great workout. I feel good.' If you can say that, you've succeeded," said Jaquin.

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