Sheriff's Office versus geocachers

Sheriffs office on geocaching

MEMPHIS, TN - (WMC-TV) – A fight is underway between the Fayette County Sheriff's Office and geocaching. It's the hobby that led two Mid-South men to getting lost in the woods for more than 24 hours.

It appears there is a truce between the Sheriff's office and geocachers around the world. Inspector Ray Garcia today spoke with a spokesperson from and said his department wouldn't be the group to make a decision about removing the caches.

In the woods, discretely attached to light poles or storm drains, geocaches are everywhere around us just waiting to be discovered by an eager geocacher with a phone or GPS unit in hand, like Ernie Cantu.

"I heard about that and I said that's just not right," Cantu said.

Cantu lives in Wichita, Kansas but saw on Facebook that two men got lost geocaching at night along the Wolf River. He also saw Fayette County Sheriff's Office inspector Ray Garcia say the caches could be removed by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency to prevent other people from getting lost.

"The reasoning behind that has nothing, it won't solve why these people got lost," Cantu added.

"We have not removed the sites. We were just relaying the information as it was told to us," Inspector Ray Garcia said.

Inspector Garcia has been putting out this fire since his comment hit air. He had no idea he was dealing with such a tight knit and vocal community. Then the phone calls, emails and message board comments started.

It's going into the woods at night that Inspector Garcia has a problem with, and he's since been reassuring geocachers of this.

I wasn't able to reach the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency to see what they have decided about the caches.

The geocachers I talked to say they will continue trying to educate the decision-makers about exactly what geocaching is to prevent the caches from being removed.

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