Daughter outraged after Alzheimer's patient casts vote

Daughter outraged after Alzheimer's patience casts vote

(WMC-TV) – A Memphis woman says her mother, who has advanced Alzheimer's Disease, early voted when the Election Commission showed up to her nursing home last Friday.

The family of Annie Hanna said they were not notified that she was going to be voting. Annie's daughter, Ruth, said she does not have the wherewithal to know how to vote on her own.

She still does not know how her mother voted or who helped her mother mark the ballot.

"The first thing I saw on her shoulder was, 'I Voted Today,'" Ruth said referring to the sticker on her mother's shirt. "Why didn't they send me something saying 'You're coming up to vote them'? Let me be there when this happens."

Echols has power of attorney over her mother and said the Graceland Nursing Center did not ask permission.

Action News 5 was there when Echols called the Election Commission for answers.

"My mom did not have permission to vote. Nor was I notified you all were coming out there to vote her," she said on the phone.

An election worker, who was notified that Action News 5 was listening in on speaker phone, said that the nursing home is responsible for verifying voters and verifying if a person has the mental capability to vote.

Graceland Nursing Center released this statement saying:

"We have no comment as this matter has nothing to do with the provision of services provided to our resident as it relates to her healthcare."

The election worker told Echols they would cancel the vote with valid written notification.

Graceland added that they "would be more than happy to discuss this matter with the appropriate family member."