DeSoto County sheriff hopes for night vision goggles

DeSoto County sheriff hopes for night vision goggles

(WMC-TV) - Night vision goggles can be a powerful crime fighting tool. Police in DeSoto County do not have them, but they are hoping to change that soon.

After leading officers on a manhunt through a heavily wooded area at night, Stephon Henderson was finally arrested early Tuesday morning after authorities say he shot at "The Front Porch" barbeque restaurant in Tunica.

But DeSoto County Sheriff Bill Rasco says the search by helicopter could have ended a lot sooner if his Aviation Division had night goggles.

"When we were in the corn field looking for him, when you get in the underlying areas, you just can't pick it out with the camera and your naked eye just to see someone in the vegetation like that," said Sheriff Rasco.

That is why Rasco is asking the county to look into applying for a $25,000 grant to buy them.

"They'll just be on the helmets of the pilots, but we're looking to buy four," he said.

Right now the chopper uses a camera and a search light.

"We have the camera where we can film everything we're doing. We have three helicopters at the present time," said Rasco.

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But the sheriff is hoping the new technology will help track down criminals a lot quicker on future searches.

"With the area we serve, the aviation division we have, we serve several different counties and assist with law enforcement in our county. We just feel like it's a big asset."

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