TBI investigating Covington police officer

TBI investigating Covington police officer

(WMC-TV) - The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) says Covington police officer Jack Hall bought a gun from a known felon. Officers arrested him at his home in Covington.

He is behind bars in the Tipton County jail without bond.

"I think a police officer should know better than to do that," said Corey Walker, a resident of Tipton County. "Me being a felon myself I would not try to sell one to a police officer. I'm sure they would know better than to buy one from me."

TBI investigators said Hall called central dispatch for a stolen check on a firearm. He did so while he was on medical leave from the Tipton County Police department.

Investigators say Hall tricked the dispatcher into checking to see if the gun he wanted to buy was ever stolen. Since Hall was not working the TBI says he should not have had access to the information about the gun.

Halls arrest warrant states he later bought the gun from a person he knew wasn't legally allowed to own the weapon because that person is a felon.

Hall is charged with misusing official information and failing to report that the felon had a gun.

"They don't need that kind of job," said Tipton County resident Crystal Maxwell. "They really don't. Why be a police officer if you're going to turn around and do the same thing."

The TBI says agents are in Covington investigating this case. They say there likely will be more arrests including the man who gave the gun to Officer Hall.

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